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"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela


Our infant care begins at six weeks of age. We believe that the environment of your infant's care setting should be one that is calm and nurturing, and this is what Little People's strives to provide. We believe in the philosophy of Erik Erikson, and we feel that it is very important that your baby, as well as you, form a strong bond with the well-trained and experienced teachers caring for your child. We believe in providing an environment that is rich in opportunities that will stimulate your child's cognitive, emotional and physical development.

We also believe that your child should be in a clean and safe environment. We ask all of our parents to use shoe covers or enter the room in sock feet to adhere to our "soleless" environment. We also clean all toys and surfaces throughout the day, and, of course, hand washing is a must!


Our ones room reflects the developmental needs of the children at this age. Some children may be new walkers while others may be runners on the go. We realize that children thrive in environments where they have many choices, and our learning centers are constructed to include diversity. The children have quiet areas, living centers, a climber, block center, cars/trucks, rocking toys and rocking chairs with adult laps when a child just needs to be cuddled. We also believe that the great outdoors is an extended learning environment. We provide safe equipment and outdoor space for the children to walk, run and explore. With the cooperation of the weather, our children play outside daily.

The ones environment is clean and safe. Although we cannot be germ-free, we strive to be as much of a healthy and clean public childcare facility as possible.

Twos/Progressive Toddlers

Our twos are on the move all day and every day. At this stage in a child's life, they begin to assert some forms of independence. Some children begin to dress themselves, while others have begun toilet training. Wherever your child is, the strive of independence is near, and babyhood is but a growing memory.

Our twos program focuses on the whole of the child and covers everything from cognitive, emotional and physical development. We have a living center, blocks center filled with vehicles and people, a music center, puzzles and games, a manipulative center, and a quiet area for enjoying good books. Everything is within reach of the children, and we help the children learn to become responsible for putting toys back where they belong when they are done. The twos also enjoy singing, dancing, art, outside play and water activities when the weather allows. It's great to be a two-year-old at Camden Kids Academy.



Our three-year-old program is serious business! These young children are learning social skills that will follow them and prepare them for the elementary school setting. They are learning developmentally appropriate skills as well as learning about the world around them. Their lessons are based on a monthly theme that includes numbers, letters, shapes, colors, creativity through art, gross and fine-motor development, and new language and stretches their cognitive understanding.

The classroom has several learning centers, the sand and water table, living center, art center, blocks, manipulative center, puzzles and games, music center and quiet reading area. These centers allow the children to explore their environment, and their curiosity allows for their personal growth. Our teachers keep things fresh in the centers by changing toys out and adding theme items.

We believe in offering the children lots of outdoor time to explore nature, expand classroom themes, and, of course, run off all that wonderful three-year-old energy!

Fours & fives

Our four & five-year-old program rocks! We believe in having fun while also ensuring that our children are prepared for the transition into kindergarten. Our curriculum spans writing, math, science, social studies, geography, Spanish, critical thinking and, of course, social skills.

We want to challenge each child where they are and support their academic performance. Year after year, we can proudly say that our children are ready for kindergarten, both academically and socially. In the classroom, you will find many learning centers, including science, living, blocks, art, music, reading, construction, puzzles, game, and computers. This class is constantly changing and constantly stimulating. Wouldn't you like to be four again?

School Age

We pick up from our neighboring schools (contact us for details). For our schoolchildren, during the school year, we provide afternoon snacks, homework instruction, and oversee class or outdoor activities. On the days that school is out for holidays or early dismissal, activities are planned for our children.

During summer breaks, we enjoy field trips to the water parks in Hartsville/Fort Jackson, current movies, pizza trips, trips to the bowling alley and the list goes on. One thing we are not is bored! When at Camden Kids Academy, we have daily activities planned, and even though they are fun, we still sneak a little learning in there. We can't have the brain go to mush over the summer, can we?

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