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Additional information for the Holiday Picture Day on October 16th 2019

Parents, we have just a week and a half to go before the picture day on October 16th. Please have the children dressed in the holiday best or bring the outfits to change into right before the session. We will start off at 8:30 AM with the Infants, Ones, Twos, Threes, Fours and Fives (in that order). We will start off with the Infants and Ones and then move on to the older children. We will time-box to approximately 30 - 45 mins for each age groups. The after-schooler pictures will be after 2:30 PM based on when they arrive at the center; please have them come with their outfits to change into prior to the session.

One parent each of the infants and ones are welcome to join in for the picture with your child. This may make them a little more comfortable in front of the lighting and camera. For older children, if you feel the child may not pose in front of the camera, please feel free to stick around.

And yes, the background for the session is the image above - Nutcracker!!!


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